Each surgery requires different length of hospital stays, it can be up to 5 nights for multiple procedure cases. After being discharged, you will still need to see your surgeon again for a check-up.

One week after the operation, you need a follow-up checkup with your surgeon before flying back home. Usually the surgeons require you to stay in Thailand up to 10 days or 14 days depending on your requested procedures but you can travel anywhere in between the time.

You can spend your time in between in Bangkok and nearby provinces, up to your physical comfort and recovery.

For major procedures like breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, body lifts and facelifts, patients may consider light activities during or after recovery period. Possible activities are…

Foot massage (body massage would put too much strain)

Light sight-seeing

Light shopping trip in a mall

For other minor surgery that does not require hospital stay, you may need a few days for recovery then you can engage in more activities.


City tour

Shopping spree

Massage and spa (depending on treated areas)

For all patients, please follow surgeon’s post-surgery guideline strictly to ensure optimum recovery and zero complication.

Generally, patients should stay out of strong sunlight to avoid hyper-pigmentation and scar as well as avoid submerging in water to avoid infection. Alcohol and smoking should be abstained  also.

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Recovery Plan

Example for Day Trip Around Bangkok