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Pre-surgery preparation

The first thing to consider is what you expect from a cosmetic surgery. Yes, a procedure can obviously improve your appearance, however, the surgeons are not magicians. It is important that you have a realistic expectation and be clear with the surgeon about what you want.

Your health is also another critical factor. Make sure you don’t have any chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood disease, hepatitis or HIV. At least have it medically controlled but if you are not sure, seek advice from your GP if you are eligible for the procedure.

For overweight patients, it is important that you are able to undergo the surgery if your BMI is NOT higher than 30.

Age-wise, you will need to be 20 years old and older to be able to undergo cosmetic surgery here in Thailand, if you are younger than 20 you will need a signed parental consent letter.

It is important that you need to stop smoking, drinking and taking any medication, vitamins or supplement 2-3 weeks before the surgery. If there is a certain kind of medication that you cannot stop taking, please consult your GP and inform our surgeon beforehand.

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