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Planning your trip is easy.

Once you know your travel and appointment date, you can start organize hotels and flights. For flights, I recommend you arrive to Bangkok or Phuket at least 1 day early before your actual appointment date so you have time to adjust yourself with new atmosphere.

For accommodation, if you travel with a friend, your boyfriend or husband, you can let them stay with you while you are in the hospital for free of charge so you don’t need to book a hotel room during your hospitalisation. You can keep all your belongings in your hospital room and vaults.

However, if you have more than 1 travel companion, you may want to book a hotel room for them while you are hospitalised.

One week after the operation, you need a follow-up checkup with your surgeon again before flying back home. Usually the surgeons require you to stay in Thailand up to 10 days or 14 days depending on your requested procedures but you can travel anywhere in between the time.

Below is our simulation of cosmetic surgery trip from your first day until your departure.

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