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Thailand is one of the best destination for medical holiday.

Being one of the world’s hottest spot for tropical holiday, Thailand is a choice worth considering.

Most of Thai private, international hospitals are JCI accredited, meaning their services and medical practices meet that of USA standard, some of them are granted ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9002 and receive both national and international accreditation.

Speaking of surgeons, they are all certified by Thailand’s board of cosmetic surgery with more than 10 years experience. Also, some of them have obtained their training or have some experience abroad.  

Most of these hospitals provide English-speaking healthcare staffs and doctors so communication is no longer a problem.

Apparently, it is not quality that makes the prices so different from what you pay at home but it is the currency rate and cost of living in Thailand that is undeniably lower than where you are from.

Moreover, to reassure, you can always research online what other patients have said about their experiences having cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

*Bangkok Bright Smile also provides Factsheets concerning Thailand’s Current Cost of Living and Budget Guide, available upon request.