Online Cosmetic Surgery Consultant For Your Better Version.

Day 1-2

Your face-to-face consultation should be a day after your arrival so you have a chance to familiarize yourself with new surroundings. On the consultation day, which is usually in the morning, when you arrived at the hospital, you need to go to the international counter, show them the booking confirmation and do a hospital registration. The registration fee is applied and you will be charged for about 3-4 USD.

You’ll meet your assigned hospital coordinator who will assist you throughout the consultation process to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

In the consultation room, you’ll have a chance to discuss your expectation and concerns with the surgeon and he’ll tell you what he thinks as he can now see you in person. You’ll be measured to find out suitable implants size as well as have your general health checked. Please tell your surgeon now if you have any health problems or cannot stop certain kind of medication.

Your surgery may happen in the afternoon of the consultation day or a few days later, depending on the surgeon and your health, but normally you’ll know the schedule when you receive our booking confirmation.

Day 2-3

Breast Augmentation usually finishes within an hour under general anesthesia and you’ll be taken to a private recovery room and stay for 1 night.

Breast Augmentation can be combined with other procedures under the same surgery such breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. However, extended hospital stay will depend on what type of surgery you have.

Day 3-8

After discharged, you’ll have to come back for a post check-up 7 days after the surgery to make sure that there’s no complication. Your breasts will be wrapped with a compression garment for extra support.

During these few days, you may be able to do a city tour, do some shopping, or have a foot massage (Body massage is not recommended as you have to lie face down). You can do pretty much anything except sunbathing (promotes hyper-pigmentation) and swimming or anything that involves plunging into the water as this will worsen the healing and encourage infection.

Day 9

On the post check-up day, the doctor will check if the incision heals well and remove the suture, if you have any problems, you can also tell him now. You’ll also be taught how to massage your breasts to prevent capsular contracture as well as advised when you can wear normal bra and, exercise again. However, please note that healing time is different from person to person.

Day 10

At this point, you can return home with your new fuller breasts or spend few more days for extra holiday. You can swim and shower by this time but try to keep it dry afterward.  

You can also drive, go back to work and resume to not-too-heavy activities that does not put too much strain on the incision and breasts. Do not forget to massage your new breasts regularly.