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Do you need a combined surgery?

Main reason for cosmetic surgery abroad is to pay less than you do at home, and now that you already paid for flights and accommodation, why don’t you have all treatment done at the same time?

Thai hospitals mostly offer variety of healthcare service within one building which makes it easier for you to organize appointments for each medical specialist: an ophthalmologist for LASIK, a dentist for dental treatment, a surgeon for cosmetic procedure or a gynecologist for vaginal surgery.

Here is our guide how to combine multiple procedures,

Interchangeably, facial surgery, body contouring procedures, breast and vaginal surgery can all be combined within one surgery. Surgery on different parts of body is perfectly fine.

Surgery done on the front and back part of the body should not be combined (i.e tummy tuck& buttock lift), even under the same trip, for optimum recovery.

Facial surgery should be done after having completed your dental treatment (so your face is not hurt when opening your mouth).

LASIK is not recommended to combine with eyelid surgery and facelift for risk of infection. But LASIK can still be combined with other types of surgery and dental treatment.

However, multiple procedures mean being under general anesthesia longer which is not healthy. If you wish to have more than 3 procedures done at the same time, please seek advice from your surgeon.