Vejthani Testimonials

Alias Yousef, UK

"I am very grateful to the nurses and the doctor. They have looked after me really well. I fully recommend this hospital to others. I have never been welcomed or treated like this before over in England. This hospital is excellent. I found the food to be excellent, the hospital was very clean and tidy. I like to thank all the staff and the plastic surgeon at Vejthani Hospital."

Alias Yousef
United Kingdom

Mark and Deborah, Australia


"To the International Team, Staff and Doctors, 
Of Vejthani Hospital Bangkok.

Thank you for your professionalism and hospitality on our recent visit to your Hospital. As we live in Australia, The International Team organised for us to get appointments and emailed us back with the details. My Husband had upper and lower eyelid surgery done (at a fraction of the price quoted in Australia) Both of us had some dentistry done ,and I had wrinkle fillers. The lower cost ,meant that we both got a holiday as well.

The Hospital is of a very high standard and the Staff cannot help you enough.

To anyone contemplating this journey, from our experience, I can only say , Do it. "

Mark and Deborah ,

Patient's Name: Deborah Fegen

Physician / Surgeon: Dr. Theera Yangyuen

Treatment / Surgery Done: Forehead Lift and Breast Augmentation

Excellent service from the time the courteous driver picked us up at the hotel until the discharge. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.

The organization by Paul McGowan at Stunning Makeovers and Yuri P. at the hospital were faultless. Also their follow up and kindness was much appreciated.

The hospital is modern and spotlessly clean, All the staff are very attentive and caring. My surgeon Dr. Theera Yangyuen was very helpful and efficient in all my appointment and was very on time. The Nurses and Staff of the “Grand Wing” Floor 10, have my Utmost Thanks and Gratitude. I will return in the Future.

Patient's Name: Edward and Kim Lopez

Physician / Surgeon: Dr. Theera Yangyuen

Treatment / Surgery Done: Upper and Lower Blepharostomy , Medium Face Lift, Abdominal Liposuction and Breast Augmentation

We are very satisfied with the overall experience but due to the treatments we have, we will not see the final results for a couple of months yet. If we need additional procedures, we will definitely come to Vejthani Hospital. Thanks to Mr. Tee Wattanapunyakul and his International staff.

Patient's Name: Charles Hearsey

Physician / Surgeon: Dr. Theera Yangyuen

Treatment / Surgery Done: Medium Face and Neck Lift

I would recommend Vejthani Hospital and my Doctor to anyone. It is very clean and attractive. The nurses are very professional and nice.

I was treated like a King! My apartment was nice and I enjoyed the food.

When I consulted with the doctor, he was good at explaining the procedure. He showed me pictures of other patients.

I asked for more dramatic results and he took care of my wishes. You can see for yourself.

Patient's Name: Mrs.Jayne Ross

Physician / Surgeon: Dr. Theera Yangyuen

Treatment / Surgery Done: Medium Face Lift, Neck Lift and Upper Blepharoplasty

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this Hospital and Doctor. The treatment was first class. I am a nurse in Australia, and feel that we have much to learn from Thai culture. It truly is the land of the happy smile. If you are considering surgery, then give Vejthani Hospital a call. To both Mr.Tee and Dr. Theera, Thank you for all your great work, no pain and heaps of gain. All aspects from when you land in Thailand are organizes with care, professionalism and the patient receives true customer satisfaction.

Name:  Michelle Crowley Date: 6-July-2010

Nationality: UK

Physician/Surgeon: Dr. Siripong Luxkhanavong

Surgery Done: Full Tummy Tuck, Upper Blepharoplasty, Breast Reduction, Liposuction (Thighs)

From the first time I contacted the hospital, I was emailed back very quickly.  They asked for pictures which I sent, the response was quick with a price quoted.  Mr.Yuri Pastores was such a great help with many questions which he always answered promptly.  

He arranged the apartment accommodation and pick-up from the airport also.  From the minute I arrived from the hospital, the doorman was friendly and helpful then Yuri took over, showed me my room and put me at ease.  I met Yuri the next morning and he took me to Dr. Siripong, who was very knowledgeable and listen to what I wanted and told me what he could do,  I felt I was in very hands.  From then I went to have Chest Xray, EKG, and blood test.  I was showed to my amazing ward, met all the nurses who were friendly and so good to me.  

I was marked-up by Dr. Siripong and his assistants.   I met the anesthesiologist who listen to my request and obliged.  Then off to the Operating Room where everyone was friendly and I was put at ease.  I went to sleep and then I was being woken up, I was in pain in my tummy but the recovery staff gave me medicines and a thermal blanket and I felt so much better.  I was taken back to my ward and I floated in and out of sleep for the next 24 hours.   In that time, every single nurse explained what they were in putting in my drip and what they were doing.  They were also wonderful, caring and friendly.  

I can’t remember all their names and for this I felt bad.  I do remember they all help me through this.  Dr. Siripong came and saw me on the Sunday and told me everything went well.  And he looked at my wounds and said they look fantastic.  So, I was very happy and thrill.  It was an 11 hour surgery.  The next day he took my drains out and I was allowed to go to my service apartment.  The porters, nurses, and the international coordinators were excellent.  I then had dressings changed by the softest and friendliest nurses who were great.  

Dr. Siripong removed my stitches and I am so happy with my results.  He is a very professional and perfectionist doctor.  Everyday I have been so accepted from my apartment staff to the restaurant staff.  My fantastic nurses and the wonderful Yuri, Jellian, Tina, Heide and Janzynn always had a smile and guided me around the hospital and gave me great shopping tips.  I would highly recommend Dr. Siripong and Vejthani Hospital and I have my own beauty salon at home with many clients that I will be telling them all about my positive experience.  I am thrilled with all of my operation and stay.  Thank you.

Name : Susanne Dale         Date : 14th June 10        

Country: Australia           

Physician / Surgeon :  Dr. Siripong  Luxkanavong               

Treatment / Surgery Done : Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty , Breast lift with Augmentation, Arm lift

From the moment I arrived at the airport I was transferred by a car to the Vejthani Hospital where Mr.Tee met with me (This was very late at night 11.45PM) . I was then taken to my accommodation to rest. The next morning, I was met by Mr.Tee who then took me to meet Dr.Siripong and his team. My surgery was then organized for the afternoon.

My room in the hospital welcomed me with my own personal toiletries slippers and anything else I may have needed. I would highly recommend the Vejthani Hospital for any surgery, I have never before witnessed such professionalism and always performed under the highest of standards and the VIVA Restaurant has the best service offering varieties of foods cooked and prepared only the highest standards.

In my recovery, also enjoyed a foot massage, facial, and shampoo and style as part of my package. I will definitely be returning and recommending the hospital to all my friends and colleagues. The hospital is more like a small shopping mall than a hospital. The nursing staffs are amazing along with the International Marketing Team just an amazing experience with wonderful results. 

Name : Robyn Christian     Date : 08.02.2011

Nationality : New Zealand

Physician/Surgeon : Dr.Theera

Treatment /Surgery Done : Upper/lower eye and temporal lift


      “Wow! My Whole experience from arriving in Bangkok and being greeted at the Airport has been wonderful. I have been treated with absolute respect by hospital staff and enjoyed my stay at Vejthani Hospital. The attention, service and complete package were a delight. Dr.Theera and his team were honest about expectations and follow up treatment was excellent.


       I can thoroughly recommend Dr. Theera and Vejthani, and I am very excited with the result. My aim (at 62) was to look “good for my age”- mission accomplished!!...”


 Mr. Robyn Christian

Name : Lynda Quinlan     Date : 08.02.2011

Physician/Surgeon : Dr.Theera

Treatment /Surgery Done : Cheek Lift-Upper eye surgery-Tummy Tuck


      “…It is very reassuring to know that everything is arranged in advance. When I arrived at the hospital, I found the service very expedient and professional. Someone is with you all the way, English was not too much of a problem, and in fact the level of spoken English was quiet good. Once all the paperwork’s or preliminaries were taken care of. I was taken to see my surgeon. I found Dr.Theera, very informative and friendly. I felt that I was safe in his hands .the operation although traumatic was compensated by the excellent nursing care I received. I would recommend Dr.Theera, all the staff and Vejthani hospital.”


Name : Jude de Angulo       Date : June 28, 2011

Nationality : New Zealand

Physician/Surgeon : Dr.Theera

Treatment : Forehead+midface lift,U & L Blepharoplasty+Rhinoplasty


           To say I was extremely impressed with Vejthani Hospital, its nurses and administration and in particular the skill of Dr.Theera, would be the year’s greatest understatement.


           Being a massage therapist for more than 25 years I observed that Dr.Theera had the hands of a person of precision and dexterity, were he not just a great surgeon I’m sure he could also be an accomplished concert pianist, a brainy surgeon, or a rocket- scientist. My surgery was very long, as I had elected multiple. It takes quite some time to recover from general anesthesia, but even so the post-operative care I received made sure I got through this critical phase in the least amount of discomfort and disorientation .The rooms provided to the patients and their   carers are more like executive suites than a hospital room.

I was ready to leave the hospital at the estimated by the doctor and nurses. The hospital put me into an A/C mini-van and sent me to my hotel. In less than a week I was back at Vejthani Hospital to have the stitches removed and for Dr.Theera to inspect the healing process, take the “after photos” and provide more advice on cleanliness and healing for the weeks ahead. Now at 2 weeks post-post surgery I am feeling very well.

You will find it easy to understand  Dr.Theera, although he has a strong Thai accent to his English, as his information is clear and precise ,and is willing to repeat what he has advised if you cannot understand .Most of nurses also have clearly understandable  English .I never had a problem being understood either . The quality and volume of food was excellent. Although it is normal in the first 48 hours after surgery not to be hungry still it is important to try and eat and drink as much as you can. Be sure to take all your meds. I will definitely be recommending Dr.Theera and Vejthani   Hospital to my friends and Family.


           I will be sure to be back again when the need or desire arises. If you are considering any type of surgery Bangkok you will make a good choice with Vejthani  Hospital .There are many more more expensive hospitals in Bangkok .But you can save money and still receive excellent attention  at Vejthani  Hospital. Don’t be fooled by more expensive options. Have no fear that   VEJTHANI HOSPITAL is of the highest quality.


           Like me, I’m sure you will also be TOTALLY AMAZED!