Khun. Ittipat Gullapongwanich

CEO of Taoganoi Food & Marketing LTD.,

LASIK surgery at TRSC

"LASIK has made my life so much easier!!”

When I was nearsighted, I had trouble when giving lectures at the university. I could not see the students in my class and how they reacted to my lectures, making it difficult to remain interactive and be an effective teacher. After having LASIK surgery, I am so happy with my vision as I can now see all the way to the back of the class and gauge their reactions. LASIK has made my life so much easier. I can see clearly and am happier than I ever expected.

Khun. Attawadee Jiramaneekul


PRK surgery at TRSC

"To party or to work, no more worries! My life was changed!”

My nearsightedness was not that bad but wearing glasses is not very convenient for me with the modern way of life. That's why I chose to wear contact lenses, however after wearing contacts for years, my eyes were getting dry and red.

Apart from the hassle of wearing contacts and glasses, I was trying to find the best option to suit my lifestyle. That's right! It is LASIK. I was very afraid in the beginning. It took years to learn and understand about LASIK as your eyes are very important. My mother finally underwent LASIK at TRSC. She was so happy with the results and the service from her doctor and her counselor at TRSC as they are providing the best possible care for before and after surgery.

After my mother’s successful surgery, I decided to have the preoperative eye exam with TRSC. However, my cornea was not adequate for LASIK surgery, and PRK was my alternative option. My doctor talked me through the detailed information, guidelines and preparation of PRK treatment.

My life is now more comfortable after surgery. I don't have to worry about contact lenses when I go places. To party or to work, no more worries! My life was changed. It's much easier now. I see things much more clearly when I look at the mirror in the morning. Isn’t this what everyone dreams of?

NV LASIK Testimonial

Mr. Tun Pasakornati

President & CEO Mai Tan Co.,Ltd

NV LASIK surgery at TRSC

"Goodbye reading glasses.....No more worries!"

I have to read for most of my work, reading books, business contracts, signing contracts etc. All these tasks require me to use reading glasses. It worried me if I carried a pair of reading glasses with me or not. It would be a big problem for me if I forgot them as sometimes I even work in the car.

I have heard about LASIK for years. I strongly wanted to do it but have been waiting for the right moment until I came to know TRSC. I decided to have the pre-operative eye exam and eventually underwent Near Vision LASIK at TRSC. I have no doubt in TRSC’s expertise and experiences as they are very professional and I was also very impressed with the services I received from TRSC. Most of my friends have also done LASIK with TRSC.

After I had NV LASIK, I just said goodbye to my reading glasses. I can read anywhere and anytime without the need of reading glasses. I would have done this surgery years ago! The sooner you do it, the more you can enjoy your life without reading glasses!

Pol.Gen. Sombat Amornvivat

Former Assistant National Police Chief

Cataract Surgery at TRSC

I can once again see this beautiful world clearly!

My eyes were getting blurry as I grew older so that I started searching for a professional refractive surgery specialist.

I had the very detailed eye examination at TRSC. I was a bit scared at first but felt assured when I was informed of the detailed treatments and guidelines by the TRSC cataract specialist. I was able to understand the surgery more clearly, plus my wife and my friends have previously put their trust in TRSC, so I was very confident that I chose the best clinic.

TRSC suggested that I have cataract surgery, as this could correct my nearsightedness at the same time as removing my cataract. After the surgery, I can finally see clearly again and enjoy living my life in this beautiful world. No more spectacles!

Khun. Salinee Panyarachoon

Famous DJ

Phakic IOL surgery at TRSC

Waking up happily, looking at the world with my excellent eyes!

I was not only very nearsighted, but I also had astigmatism. Having to wear a heavy pair of spectacles was very complicated for me. With a busy work schedule, I had eye infections several times due to my contact lenses. I had never seen this beautiful world with my own eyes.

I studied about LASIK as I believed this technology could make my life better. I underwent the pre-examination with the specialist at TRSC. Unfortunately, I was not suitable for LASIK due to inadequate corneal thickness and other risks and complications involved.

10 years later, I received a phone call from TRSC, informing me that they have a new technology to solve my problems. I was so amazed that they had kept my original information on file. After the examination, my surgeon told me I was a candidate for the Phakic Intraocular Lens. I decided to undergo the surgery./span>

After ICL surgery, I get up seeing things so clearly in every morning without my glasses. No more infections! No more glasses! It makes my days happier than ever.