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FREE online consultant service for Leading Thai’s hospitals at global standard with latest medical facilities providing you an attentive care by professional healthcare specialists, here are our partnered hospitals and services they have to offer. Our hospitals network are JCI accredited, HA accreditation, ISO certified and more.

We are here to assist your inquiry and requests for a fuss-free trip.


Nonthavej Hospital

Nonthavej Hospital Public Company Limited provides medical treatment services in Thailand. It operates specialized centers for minimally invasive surgery, obstetrics and family maternity, breast cancer, gynecologic oncology, plastic surgery, pediatric and child development, respiratory, dental, orthopedics, infertility, gynecology and laparoscopy, urology, heart, gastrointestinal, diabetics, and wellness services.

The hospital also operates neurology, psychiatric, general practice and surgery, hemorrhoid, and Chinese medicine clinics, as well as eye, ear, nose, and throat clinics. In addition, it provides x-ray, laboratory, hemodialysis, intensive care and critical care unit, operations, nutrition, healthy check up, and emergency services.

Hospital Core Value: CARE

Customer Centric: A focus on providing customer-centric service  capabilities to find the problem and the real needs of the customer in mind. An attempt to seek answers. Or how to solve problems in ways that are innovative in the way that customers do not miss it. To impress. Confidence. And deliver the best experience to our customers.

Integrity & Accountability: honesty, responsibility

To demonstrate their commitment and willingness to work that has been assigned to accomplish the plan. Ready to take responsibility for the outcome. Honest in their work. Behave properly and in accordance with the law. Regulations. Professional ethics. And a commitment to protect the interests of the organization.

Result - Oriented: focusing on achievement

The ability to work to achieve the targets set. Including the allocation of existing resources.

for the benefit.

Excellent Teamwork: excellence in work as a team

the ability to work with others to achieve the goals of the team / organization. The performance of the responsibilities of their best. To assist and maintain good relationships with others. Build morale within the team. The help resolve conflicts and maintain harmony within the team.

Self Development: learning to develop excellent

Opportunities to learn the process of innovation, science and technology on a regular basis. An open mind and ready for a change. To develop their own capacities and capabilities to professional excellence. And applied in practice in an organization effectively.