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Because nose is the most defining facial feature, only small change makes great difference. Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a surgery that can help improving the appearance of your nose as well as correct breathing problems.

If you have breathing problem due to narrow nasal airflow, if you have deviated nose due to an accident or if you are simply not satisfied with how your nose look, rhinoplasty is a safe and effective answer for you.

What happen before and during the surgery?

Essentially, the surgeon needs to know your medical background and your preferred expectation. You’ll also be informed about possible risks, what is the expected outcome and available options and techniques. Your skin type, nose size and shape as well as other facial procedures will be taken into account as well. Chin surgery can be recommended to balance out the whole facial structure.

The surgery usually takes around 1-2 hours under general anesthesia. Alterations may be made to increase or decrease the nasal bridge, reduce the size or width of the nose, narrow the nostrils, change the angle between the nose and upper lip, or reshape the tip. Therefore, the incision depends on the concerned area: it can be inside, at the base of the nose (called ‘columella’) or on the nostrils’ crease.

After making the above mentioned incisions, the surgeon will then alter the bone and cartilage to reduce the size or reshape the tip for a more youthful look.

For flare nose, a small amount on the outer crease is removed and stitched together for narrower nostrils.  

To correct nasal deviation or problem breathing, the septum will be straighten and internal splint will be inserted for better support.

For nose implant, the cut is made inside and the implant will be inserted through nostrils.

How long is the recovery? What to do after the surgery?

Usually, rhinoplasty needs only 1-2 nights hospitalization or none for nose implant. Cold compress and head elevation are advised to reduce swelling and discomfort which is common after the surgery and will be better after a week. You may, as well, experience bruising around the nose and under the eyes including puffy eyes but it will subside within 3 weeks.

Also, you will need to wear splints for support and protection from accidental bumps. Sometimes, internal splint is needed for those who have septo-rhinoplasty to permit breathing for 5-7 days. Stitches and splints will be removed after a week.

You should avoid blowing your nose for at least 7 days and should not wearing glasses, if you have to, ensure you don’t stress the area, try using a support like tape. You should also use sunscreen as the skin is very sensitive to sunlight at this stage.

You can go back to work and resume to light, normal activities after 10 days, however, you can exercise and do any laborious tasks after 6 weeks.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Who can have rhinoplasty?

Healthy men or women aged over 15 years old (so the bone is fully grown). It’s crucial that you realize the limitation of the surgery and have clear idea of what you want your nose to look like.

Humps, distorted nose, asymmetrical, flare and crooked nose or breathing problem due to limited airflow can be corrected by rhinoplasty. People with flat nose and would like higher nose bridge can also benefit from augmentation rhinoplasty or nose implant surgery.

Likewise to any kind of surgery, you should not drink or smoke or take certain kind of medication before the surgery to minimize chance of getting an infection.

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