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Online Cosmetic Surgery Consultant For Your Better Version.

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Bangkok Bright Smile is happy to assist you finding the most skillful surgeons in the field guide you through how the surgery actually works, risks and possible complications, pre- and post- surgery treatment as well as take care of your travel arrangements.

What happen before and during the surgery?

The surgeon needs to check whether the square jaw is made up of muscles or bones, if it’s muscles then the surgery won’t be useful. You’ll be asked about your medical history and physical examination will be done to ensure your own safety.

Also, clear discussion between you and the surgeon is essential about what he can do and your expected outcome.

The surgeon makes the incision inside the mouth, the junction of the back part of the jaw and the lower border of the jaw is essentially cut off. This not only softens the jaw angle but also raises the line of the jaw from front to back.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes 3-4 hours to finish. You will be in the hospital for 2 nights and stitches will be removed 5-7 days after the operation.

How long is the recovery? What to do after the surgery?

After the first 48 hours, cold compress is necessary for reducing swelling and bruises which will get better after 10 days-3 weeks. Your face will be wrapped with a gauze and compression garment to support the area.

Pain and discomfort will be eventually gone after a week and you may experience numbness around the mouth but it should be temporary and generally subside after a month. You may need to have liquid food for a while, the surgeon will advise when you can chew and eat normal food. Oral hygiene should be strictly maintained.

Keep your head elevated and try to move your mouth as soon as it doesn’t hurt for optimal healing. Strenuous activities should be avoided for 2-3 weeks but can resume back to work after 5 days. The final result will be seen within 3-6 months.

Jaw Reduction

If an overly prominent jaw line or exaggerated cheekbones make your face look unbalanced and deformed, if you wish you had a softer, more oval-shaped face, jaw reduction surgery is a safe and effective way to achieve just that.

Who can have jaw reduction surgery?

Physically and mentally healthy men or women aged more than 18 year old can have jaw reduction surgery.

It’s important that the bone needs to be fully grown and facial skin still retains a certain degree of elasticity.

Patients with orthodontic treatment are able to have this surgical procedure.

Crucially, you need to be aware of the limit of the surgery and to what extent the surgeon can do.

Heavy smokers and persons with chronic diseases are not advised to undergo any kind of surgery due to possible risks and complication.

Jaw reduction can help lessen the width of the face, reduce exaggerated cheekbones and soften facial contour for a smoother and proportionate look.

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We are here to assist your inquiry and requests for a fuss-free trip.