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Chin implant

Chin implant brings out more outstanding facial feature and overall symmetry. Facial implants can be combined with other facial surgery for overall balanced facial contour. For example, rhinoplasty augmentation and chin augmentation can be combined for a well-proportioned look.

What happen before and during the surgery?

It’s very important to have a clear discussion with the surgeon about what you want and what the surgeon can do. He will then need to study your health background as well as perform medical check-up. You should not be on Accutane for the past 6 months or more for it stimulates bone growth and excessive scarring.

Implants used are solid medical grade silicone that is soft and flexible, shaped to enhance your facial structures. The incision will be either on the underside of your chin or intra-oral where the gums and lips meet. The pocket is made inserting an implant which can be removed and re-shape several times during the operation to suit your desire.

At times, surgeons screw the implants to the underlying bones or sometimes leave the implant unscrewed and let the supporting tissues to keep them in place. The surgery takes only 30-45 minutes under general anesthesia and does not need to stay overnight at the hospital.

Alternative procedure to chin implants is a chin advancement correction surgery where the surgeons will not insert implant in but will cut and re-shape the bone into a satisfying profile. Discuss with your surgeons to find the most appropriate procedures to achieve your expectation.

Who can have chin implants?

Physically and emotionally healthy men and women above 18 years old who have receding chin and would like a more prominent facial structure can have chin implant. Smokers and persons with chronic diseases are not recommended.

It’s also imperative that the patients have good functioning jaws and teeth. Patients need to have a clear reasonable expectation of the surgery outcome and do not anticipate miraculous changes.

Facial implants - Chin implant

How long is the recovery? What to do after the surgery?

Your head will be wrapped around with gauze, like when you have a facelift, to support the implants inside the pockets and reduce swelling. You can use cold compress during the first 48 hours after the surgery and warm compress after the first 48 hours.

After a few days, you’ll feel tight and tender and experience bruises. You find it difficult to use your lips and mouth and need to rely on liquid food for at least ten days. Keep your head elevated and wear a support garment to secure the implant and reduce swelling. Numbness and loss of sensation is possible but should not be permanent.

Avoid strenuous activities including sex and exercise for 3 weeks but try to walk as soon as you can to prevent blood clot. Keep the area clean and dry, if the incision is intraoral then do not tongue it and use mouth wash or salt water several times a day. Stitches are usually removed 7 days after the operation.

You can get back to work within a week and you’ll be close to normal within a month or two.

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We are here to assist your inquiry and requests for a fuss-free trip.

Well-proportioned facial features are what most of us are dreaming of to achieve attractive looks.

Weak cheekbones can make your face look gaunt and drawn while receding chin can make your nose look bigger or give the appearance of ‘a turkey neck’.

There are effective and safe ways to balance out these features: cheek and chin implant.

A slight change affects your look greatly, however, if it is done incorrectly, the result is unnatural-looking face. Bangkok Bright Smile is happy to help you go through the process in search for skilled surgeons and to ensure your safe and smooth trips.