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Cost Of Living In Bangkok Thailand

There’s a reason why we recommend Thailand as your destination. Not only affordable treatment prices but you may also already know that a living cost here is relatively cheap especially food and transportation. Planning your trip, we would like to roughly give you an idea of how much it will cost you, spending your holiday in Thailand and see how much you can save!

3-stars hotel room

1,200-2,000 THB per night

5-stars hotel room

3,000 THB+ per night

Mandarin Oriental Hotel (one of the world’s best hotel)

10,000 THB+ per night

Bangkok Bright Smile private villa

1,500 THB per night

Food and Drink

A dish of rice, Thai food and a glass of soft drink at a small, normal restaurant

A dish of western style food and a glass of soft drink  

A meal at a high-quality Thai restaurant for 2 people  

A meal for 2 people at restaurants in a shopping mall

Street vendor food and snacks approx.

A meal at Macdonald

A packet of potato chips

A bar of Mars chocolate approx.

Fruits from a street vendor

A bottle of drinking water.(depending on the size)

A can of soda approx.

A 800 ml. bottle of milk

Singha Beer at 7-11 shop

Singha Beer at an average bar

20 Marlboro cigarettes approx.

20 Thai brand cigarettes approx.

A glass of Starbucks iced coffee approx.

A glass of iced coffee from a normal street vendor.

40-70 THB

150-300 THB

300-700 THB

500+ THB

20-50 THB

150 THB

10 THB

27 THB

10 THB

7-12 THB

15 THB

40 THB

50 THB

60- 150 THB

78 THB

50 THB

125 THB

35 THB

Transportation & Communication

Small no air-con bus

Big bus with no-air con

Small bus with air-con

Big bus with air-con

Taxi for 2 km.

Average taxi fare within central Bangkok

Express boat approx.

Average Skytrain (BTS) fare approx.

Local phone call (direct phone line / apartment line)

Mobile phone per minute charge, pre-paid plan


8-9 THB

10-12 THB

10-20 THB

35 THB

13-20 THB

25 THB

3 / 5 THB

less than 1 THB


Guesthouse room on Khao San Road (small, fan-cooled, shared cold-water bathroom) approx. 250-300 THB per night or 500-800 THB per night with air-con and your own bathroom.

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