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What happen before and during the surgery?

Enlarged male breasts can be removed by either chest liposuction if they are primarily made of fat or by surgery if the main cause is breast tissue, the surgeon will find out the most appropriate method for you for satisfactory outcome. You will have to strictly follow the pre-surgery treatment guideline including stop taking any alcoholic drinks and smoking.

For chest liposuction, the surgeon will insert a cannula (a slim metal tube) to suck out any fatty tissue. While, if there’s any breast tissues that need to be removed, the surgeon will then make an incision at the edge of the areola, take out the redundant tissue and skin then re-shape your breasts into a flatter and firmer contour. Sometimes, the surgeon combines both liposuction and surgery within the same operation if there’re a lot to remove. Type of anesthesia will depend on method used in the operation.

Male Breast Reduction

Unlike females, enlarged breasts are unwanted and embarrassing for males, these over grown breasts are called gynecomastia and they are made up by accumulated fat and excess breast tissue.

The symptom is caused by many possible reasons such as imbalance sex hormones, heredity condition or effects from certain drugs.

If this causes you self-consciousness and embarrassment, male breast reduction is your answer to regain that masculine body shape.  

Who can have male breast reduction surgery?

Any healthy male with stable emotion and realistic expectation are possible candidates. However, this is not a weight loss procedure therefore it’s not suitable for over-weight men who have not yet tried strict diet and regular exercise to burn out unwanted fat. True gynecomastia cannot be got rid of by exercise.

Drinkers and smokers are also not recommended to undergo the surgery for it risks having complications during and post surgery.

FREE online consultant service for male breast reduction in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. Find more about male breast reduction price, experienced surgeons for male breast reduction, world-class services for male breast reduction, forefront hospitals for male breast reduction like Yanhee, Samitivej Sukhumvit,Samitivej Srinakarin, Vejthani, Phuket International Hospital.

We are here to assist your inquiry and requests for a fuss-free trip.

How long is the recovery? What to do after the surgery?

You will stay at the hospital for 1 night and need to wear an elastic bandage right after the surgery and continue wearing for weeks after. One week post-surgery, stitches will be removed. Pain and discomfort will be better after a few days while bruises and swelling may remain for a week. Temporary numbness around nipples is normal and should be back to normal within 6 months.

For optimal recovery, you should refrain from any laborious activities that may put strain on the chest area for 1-3 weeks (including sexual activity and heavy lifting). You may resume to normal activity after a month.

Keep the area clean and dry to avoid infection and abstain from alcohol beverages and smoking at least 3 months after the surgery or as advised by the surgeon. For scarring, avoid exposing the incision area to sunlight to prevent hyper-pigmentation or use high SPF sunscreen instead.

Smoking and alcohol consumption as well as certain vitamins and medication intake should be stopped for optimal recovery.