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Toned and flat abdomen has always been a signal of attraction for both males and females.

However, as our lives progress and went through bad diet, lack of exercise, pregnancy or inevitable aging, our tummy stretches, sags and loses its elasticity.

If your tummy does not respond to strict diet and well-planned exercise, tummy tuck provides you a way-out. The surgery will tighten your abdominal muscle, remove excess fat and loose tummy skin.

What happen before and during the surgery?

Tummy tuck is considered a major surgery and is done under general anesthesia. Surgeons will need a direct physical examination on patients if they are healthy and have enough hanging loose skin.

For those who only have accumulated abdominal fat minus the hanging skin, liposuction may be enough.

During a 3-hours operation, the surgeon will cut the skin across the abdomen from hip bone to hip bone then separate the skin from the muscle and tighten the muscle underneath, excess fat is also removed at this stage. Loose skin is trimmed, stretch marks will be cut off and belly button will be repositioned before the surgeon closes the incision with stitches. After the surgery, your tummy will be more toned and flatter.

VDO: Tummy Tuck

How long is the recovery? What to do after the surgery?

3 night hospital stay are required for tummy tuck patients. Drain tubes (to drain out excess blood and fluid) will be removed before you are discharged. After 1 week, you’ll have your stitches removed.

Pain and swelling are expected for the first few days. You will need to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and support the areas for a few weeks. However, you should try to move as soon as you can to prevent blood lumps.

Activities like lifting, bending or straining the areas should be avoided for 4-6 weeks to prevent bleeding and swelling however, light activities are allowed 1-3 weeks.

Keep the area clean and dry to minimize a chance of getting infection. Scar will look worse for 3-6 months but will be better after 9-12 months then it will fade away into hardly noticeable thin line. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight due to risk of scar’s hyper pigmentation or wear high SPF if you cannot avoid direct sunlight.

Smoking and alcohol consumption as well as certain vitamins and medication intake should be stopped for optimal recovery.

The result will last for several years unless you are pregnant again or gain weight. Good diet and exercise are also advised to maintain good result. However, the result will not be permanent as you age and gravity takes its toll.

Tummy Tuck

Who can have tummy tuck surgery?

Healthy men or women with hanging abdominal skin and excess fat who have realistic expectation and psychologically stable, can undergo tummy tuck surgery.

This procedure is ideal for a mother who has had several pregnancies, leaving stretch marks as well as hanging abs skin or anyone whose tummy does not respond to diet and exercise does not work.

People who have had a major sudden weight loss (for example, through gastric bypass or banding) will also benefit from tummy tuck with a combination of other body lift procedures.

However, the procedure is not for weight loss purpose nor it is recommended for obese patients since it will increase the risks during and after the surgery.

This is also not recommended for anyone who plans to have another pregnancy since it will negate the result of the surgery.

Likewise, heavy smokers and drinkers should not engage in any surgical procedure since they’ll risk heavy bleeding, poor healing and post-surgery complication.

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